Typewriter Necklaces

We’ve been making typewriter jewelry for almost 20 years now and we’re proud to offer you only top quality products. Our typewriter charm necklaces are made from authentic typewriter keys and sterling silver backings and sterling silver 18″ chains. These custom-made typewriter key pendants are wonderful gifts for writers, authors, teachers, artists and just about anyone, including yourself.


Custom Type Necklaces


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Our typewriter necklaces are made from authentic typewriter keys and are attached to stainless steel findings without the use of glue. Experience in our early years (almost 20 years ago) taught us that glued keys would eventually pop off and we always strive to provide top quality. Our method provides for a stronger and much cleaner necklace!

Our typewriter jewelry necklaces make wonderful gifts for friends, family and loved ones. They’re also great gifts for you, writers, authors, teachers, artists and just about anyone. They can be worn with everything from casual attire to your classiest outfit!

For this custom pair of vintage typewriter key necklaces, feel free to mix and match!

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × .5 in

Black, Light


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