Q: Are these real, authentic typewriter keys you use?

A: Absolutely 100% authentic.

Q: Where do you find all of your typewriters and how can you take apart such gems?

A: We treasure hunt all over the world for worn down, beaten up, rusted, and otherwise broken typewriters that are on their way to the dumps. Due to the advent of computers, typewriter repair shops are almost non-existent. If we find a typewriter in pristine, working condition, we donate them to a group that transports them to schools in Mexico that are without computers and electricity. With these donations, the children are given an opportunity to learn to type.

Q: What happens to the rest of the typewriter?

A: Good question! Not wanting to create more waste, we here at What’s Your Type? feel great about not creating waste from our production process. Once the keys are removed, the shell is used for our retail displays and the remaining pieces are donated to a group of local artists for their sculpture work. Nothing goes to waste.

Q: Do you make custom jewelry out of typewriter keys?

A: Absolutely! Email us a description of your idea and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

Q: How long does it take for you to ship an order?

A: Once we receive payment, we ship immediately. Orders are usually received within 3 business days.

Q: Can I get a “delete” key?

A: Yes. But only from your computer keypad. 🙂