What’s Your Type?

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Thank you for visiting What’s Your Type? We have been making vintage typewriter key jewelry since 1997, including typewriter key earrings, typewriter key cufflinks, typewriter key necklaces and also typewriter key pins from refurbished, vintage typewriters on their way to landfill.

“My wife has proudly been showing off her typewriter jewelry necklace and everyone loves it and is fascinated by it – especially when she explains the meaning behind the letter. You may be getting more business! Thanks again. It was a pleasure working with you.” – Michael W.

hand-holding-typewriter-jewelry-letter-rAll of our jewelry is made WITHOUT THE USE OF GLUE or solder and made only from authentic keys from manual typewriters that otherwise would be on their way to landfill due to age and damage. The “guts” of these typewriters are then donated to a local artist who builds life-size human figures out of their parts and sells them in galleries nationwide. Nothing goes to waste!

When we come across antique, vintage typewriters in wonderful, working condition, we are thrilled to donate these to a local group that transports them to villages throughout Mexico where the children would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn to type due to the lack of computers and electricity.

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Own a piece of the past with our recycled, vintage typewriter key jewelry. Our custom jewelry makes the perfect one-of-a-kind gift.  Your pieces will be totally unique. Our vintage typewriter jewelry is the perfect gift for men and women and also teachers, book lovers, writers, editors, journalist – or really anyone who appreciates custom, personalized jewelry.

If you like these, then you’ll love our sister business, Sweet Dove Studios, where we’ve designed a line of vintage-looking and chic handmade belt buckles for men and women.  Our handmade buckles also include a line made from recycled vintage tins!  Yes, we love recycling.  Can you tell?